Orthogonal Approaches to TB Prevention: Insights on Vaccines from Prof. Lee Fairlie at the 8th SA TB Conference

5 June 2024

Prof Lee Fairlie, Director of Maternal and Child Health, is attending the 8th SA TB Conference from 4-6 June 2024. She has been invited as a plenary speaker and will participate in a roundtable discussion on 5th June titled “Orthogonal Approaches to TB Prevention.” This session will explore cutting-edge research on vaccines, drugs, and nutrition, providing innovative strategies for TB prevention. Prof Fairlie’s talk will specifically focus on vaccines.

Additionally, Prof Fairlie is co-chairing a session on TB vaccines with Prof Willem Hanekom of the Africa Health Research Institute. Both are National Principal Investigators of the groundbreaking TB vaccine trial that recently began in South Africa. Read more about the TB Vaccine Trial in South Africa here and to view the conference programme click here

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