Accelerating Program Achievements to Control the Epidemic (APACE)


Accelerating Program Achievements to Control the Epidemic (APACE).


South Africa is at the forefront of the global AIDS response. Although the country has the world’s largest HIV treatment programme, challenges remain in preventing new infections and reducing morbidity and mortality. In 2017, South Africa’s burden of HIV infection was an estimated 7,203,313 of people living with HIV. Of these, only 53% accessed lifesaving antiretroviral treatment through the country’s public healthcare facilities. In 2021 the estimated people living with HIV were 7,8 million.  While the country has met first 90 and has made good progress towards the third 90, there is still a treatment gap with 74% of the second 90 target met. In order to achieve the revised UNAIDS 95-95-95-targets, Wits RHI APACE programme continues to deliver HIV/TB program district partnership support through technical support and direct service delivery, implementing adaptive programming and leveraging key innovations to ensure a comprehensive package of services that meets the wide‐ranging needs of different patient groups across the HIV and TB continuum of care.


  • Dr Arabang Letebele, Programme Head
  • Meriam Seheri, M&E Lead
  • Enoch Manyame, Operations Lead
  • Pitso Rasiile, Community Services Lead

Latest Update

April 2024

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