BaSiS Research Study

BaSiS is a research study to see whether a booster vaccine will improve the body’s immune responses in people who received the J&J vaccine through the SISONKE Phase IIIb implementation trial. Our researchers also want to know whether the time between SISONKE vaccination and a booster dose, HIV status, and age affects these responses.

Research is different from medical care. The purpose of the BaSiS research study is to answer scientific questions. Our researchers hope that what they learn will help people in the future.


You may participate in this study if you meet the criteria & if the researchers believe it is safe for you to do so. You must be a health care worker aged ≥ 30 years who received the J&J vaccine through SISONKE at least 4 months prior to enrolment. You should not be pregnant and must be medically stable. NOTE: Previous COVID-19 infection will not be an exclusion if your last symptoms were more than 28 days ago, but the numbers will be carefully monitored to avoid over-enrolling in this population.

Have we piqued your interest? To find out more or to enroll in the BaSiS study WhatsApp, SMS or send a Please Call me to 064 648 8637 or email

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