A cohort for evaluation of open-label PrEP delivery and PrEP preferences among African women.

Study Objectives

  1. Estimate HIV incidence using the recency testing on samples from women who screen out due to HIV infection, as well as assess HIV incidence prospectively in the cohort.
  2. Assess the characteristics of women who initiate PrEP compared to those who do not initiate PrEP.
  3. Evaluate young women’s preferences for attributes of long-acting formulations of PrEP, using a discrete choice experiment.
  4. Assess the acceptability of a patient-facing PrEP decision support tool to provide young women more informed choice about PrEP options.
  5. Assess HLA genotypes to determine the breadth of variants present in young women from East and southern Africa

Study population

3000 HIV uninfected women ages 16-30 enrolled in prospective cohort.

Latest Update:

April 2024

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Study Brief


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