MTN 042


MTN-042 is a Phase 3B, randomized, open-label safety and pharmacokinetic trial focusing on the use of the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (VR) and Oral FTC/TDF during pregnancy.


This multicenter, prospective study aims to assess the safety, adherence, and acceptability of the DPV VR (25 mg) inserted every 4 weeks, along with the once-daily Truvada (200 mg FTC/300 mg TDF) tablet used by African women during pregnancy.

The primary goal of MTN-042 is to characterize the safety profile during pregnancy, testing the hypothesis that both DPV VR and Truvada are safe and well tolerated by women and their infants, resulting in similar rates of adverse pregnancy outcomes compared to the general population.


  • Dr. Lee Fairlie, Principal Investigator and Protocol Co-chair
  • Dr. Elizea Horne, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr. Faeezah Patel, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr. Mrinmayee, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr. Muneerah Khan, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr. Jeanne Coetzee, Sub-Investigator

Latest Update

March 2024

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