Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Trevor Mundel Engages with Wits RHI: Advancing Global Health through Innovation

3 April 2024

In this photo, Trevor Mundel is seen interacting with site staff and CAB members, discussing the impact of tuberculosis, ongoing vaccine research for M72 trials, and emphasizing the crucial role of innovative tools in the fight against TB.
Dr Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, visited Wits RHI on 26 March 2024, marking a significant step in advancing global health initiatives. He was welcomed by Profs. Rees and Fairlie, where discussions centered around Wits RHI’s mission, achievements, and its TB vaccine trial, M72/AS01E. Prof. Fairlee elaborated on the complexities of clinical trials, providing insights into challenges and successes in developing TB vaccines. Dr Mundel interacted with Wits RHI team members and the Community Advisory Board, discussing TB’s impact, vaccine importance, and the need for new tools. This visit highlighted collaborative efforts and commitment to addressing global health challenges, emphasising the role of partnerships in shaping a healthier future.

About the study:

This is a large Phase 3 trial that will evaluate whether the M72/AS01E vaccine candidate can protect older adolescents and adults from pulmonary tuberculosis. Clinical trial site at Wits RHI, an Institute of Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa, is the first of up to 60 sites in seven countries. The M72/AS01E vaccine candidate could be the first new TB vaccine in 100 years if proven effective. M72/AS01E Study.


The photos show Helen Rees and Lee Fairlie welcoming Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health, alongside Yogan Pillay, Kristin Croucher, Gaurang Tanna, and Patrice Matchaba from left to right. In another scene, Lee Fairlie is leading discussions on HIV and TB initiatives.

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