SAPRIN Annual Conference 2024: Exploring Societies in Motion and Population Health

26 June 2024

The SAPRIN Annual Conference commenced on Monday, 24th June 2024, at Wits RHI in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, under the theme “Societies in Motion: Understanding Population Health.” This three-day conference serves as a gathering point for experts and stakeholders to delve into critical issues impacting population health in urban environments.

Dr Kobus Herbst, SAPRIN’s Director, extended a warm welcome to the conference delegates, emphasising the crucial need to understand population health dynamics amidst evolving societal contexts. Prof David Everatt, GRT-INSPIRED Nodal Director, echoed this sentiment, underlining the collaborative strides and innovative research pursued by the GRT-INSPIRED initiative.

Dr Kobus Herbst, Director of SAPRIN, extends a warm welcome to conference delegates.

The scientific plenary, opened by Professor Helen Rees, Executive Director of Wits RHI, delved into urbanisation with her presentation titled “Urbanisation: The Role of Health and Socio-Demographic Surveillance Systems.” Professor Rees provided an insightful overview of Hillbrow’s historical background and highlighted significant urbanisation challenges. Key issues highlighted by Prof Rees addressed included: health and socio-demographic disparities, migration challenges, housing concerns, prevailing health risks, emerging health challenges, and climate change within urban areas. Professor Rees concluded by outlining new ideas and strategies for SAPRIN to address these urban health challenges.

Professor Helen Rees, Executive Director of Wits RHI, opens the scientific plenary with insightful discussions.

The conference serves as a robust platform for discussions, abstract presentations, research sessions, panel deliberations, networking opportunities, and the exchange of innovative solutions aimed at enhancing population health in urban areas. For more information about SAPRIN, click here.

SAPRIN conference delegates engaged in discussions.

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