Wits RHI Schools Programme Participates in DREAMS Programme Interagency Visit by PEPFAR, USAID, and CDC

22 May 2024

Buffalo City Metro was visited by a delegation from PEPFAR, USAID, and CDC, consisting of representatives from their South Africa local mission and Washington DC office. The visit occurred over 2 days from May 9-10, 2024. The purpose of the visit was to observe the various services provided by USAID partners at school and other community sites through the DREAMS programme. The school’s principal visited and¬†expressed appreciation for the positive impact of the DREAMS programme on the students. The principal also acknowledged the support from the Wits RHI program staff, who provide mobile clinical services to the school, and recognised the important role played by the DREAMS LSA placed at the school.

The Wits RHI Schools programme actively participated during the visit. They explained the school entry process and showcased the community-based implementation of a 5-station model. The delegates had opportunities to engage with staff, stakeholders, and clients to understand how services are provided, discuss common challenges being encountered, offer solutions/recommendations, and draw success stories.

Captured in the photo is, Wits RHI’s DREAMS programme team with the PEPFAR, USAID, and CDC delegation.

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