Health Programmes Team Shines Bright at INTEREST Conference 2024

20 May 2024

Wits RHI’s Health Programmes Team made a resounding impact at the INTEREST Conference held from 14-17 May 2024, in Cotonou, Benin. The team’s triumvirate, comprising Khensani Nkuna, Mafa Motloutsi, and Jackie Burgess, showcased their groundbreaking poster abstracts, affirming Wits RHI’s prominent position in the realm of HIV research and intervention.

INTEREST Conference, renowned as the premier scientific forum for HIV in Africa, brought together over 700 delegates from diverse global arenas engaged in HIV treatment, pathogenesis, and prevention research. This year’s conference emphasized the latest advancements in HIV diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, while fostering a vibrant community of African healthcare professionals and scientists committed to local solutions for managing HIV-1 and curtailing its transmission.

Among the standout achievements was Mafa Motloutsi’s abstract poster, meticulously selected by the INTEREST International Conference Committee for the prestigious Guided Poster Tour. This distinguished platform enabled Mr. Motloutsi to engage with luminaries such as Prof. Kwasi Torpey, Scientific Chair of INTEREST, and other esteemed delegates. Mr. Motloutsi’s presentation not only showcased Wits RHI’s community-led HIV strategy but also clinched the coveted Peer J Award for Best Poster on May 18, 2024. This esteemed accolade also includes a complimentary publication in esteemed journals focused on Life & Environment, Computer Science, or Chemistry.

Additionally, the team’s immersion in the conference’s activities included a memorable luncheon hosted by South African Ambassador to Benin and Togo, Robina P. Marks. During this event, delegates gleaned insights into impactful projects supported by the Embassy in Benin, broadening their horizons beyond HIV research to encompass various regional initiatives.




Here’s a snapshot of the poster abstracts presented by Wits RHI Conference attendees:

Mafa Motloutsi, Cluster Manager Community Outreach Services – CDC Tshwane

Abstract: Implementation of Community Antiretroviral Therapy Services Provision in Mamelodi East, Tshwane Health District, South Africa.

Jacqueline Burgess, Senior Advisor – Community Engagement, Key Populations

Abstract: PrEP Persistence in South African Female Sex Workers Reporting Inconsistent Condom Use.

In the photos above: Top – Mafa Motloutsi, Cluster Manager of Community Outreach Services CDC Tshwane, proudly receives the Peer J Award for Best Poster at INTEREST 2024 in Benin. Middle – Robina P. Marks, South African Ambassador to Benin and Togo, graciously hosts delegates from INTEREST 2024. Bottom – Jacqueline Burgess, Senior Advisor for Community Engagement in Key Populations, presenting her poster at the INTEREST 2024 conference in Benin.

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