Sexual and reproductive health

Our research agenda prioritises the intersection of SRH and introduction of HIV related SRH technologies and services.

In addition, we will support the development of new contraceptive technologies, drugs and vaccines for STI control. Our strategy will also focus on the development of new drugs and technologies, given the context of emerging antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We will also support the scale‐up of interventions to eliminate cervical cancer. We will continue to use implementation science to support systems strengthening approaches for SRH programmes.

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Vaccine and Infectious Diseases

We will develop an agenda that incorporates infectious diseases including HIV and vaccine preventable diseases

We will support the development of drugs, technologies and other innovative approaches to address these infectious diseases. Our agenda will also extend to emerging infectious diseases in the form of global pandemics and local epidemics. We will continue to drive research and innovation by identifying questions relative to understanding local and global infectious disease burden, optimising interventions and measuring the impact of these interventions.

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Other Emerging Issues

We will broaden our current research to address new public health agendas that impact the communities we serve.

Our agenda explores interventions to address vulnerabilities associated with gender, migrancy and marginalisation, into an expanded research and intervention agenda more widely focused on urbanisation. We are continuously adapting our emphasis for relevance, both in existing focus areas and in new areas of interface such as urbanisation, noncommunicable diseases and climate change.

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