Continued access to Etravirine in treatment experienced HIV-1 infected individuals



The aim of the study is to provide continuous access to Etravirine (ETR) for individuals who have completed a clinical study with ETR sponsored by or in collaboration with Janssen Research & Development.

The primary objective is to continue the provision of ETR for subjects who previously received ETR in a clinical trial sponsored by or in collaboration with Janssen Research & Development, and who continue to benefit from the use of ETR, in countries where ETR is not commercially available for the subject’s indication, is not reimbursed, and cannot be accessed through another source (e.g. access program or government program), or where the subject is not eligible for ongoing trials/programs with ETR.


  • Prof Lee Fairlie, Principal Investigator
  • Dr Elizea Horne, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr Faeezah Patel, Sub-Investigator
  • Dr Mrinmayee Dhar, Sub-Investigator

Latest Update

March 2024

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