DREAMS PrEP Choice Study


Long-acting products have the potential to prevent HIV acquisition without relying on adherence to a daily oral regimen. The development of alternative PrEP products such as the PrEP ring and CAB-LA have expanded alternative biomedical HIV prevention options to increase access to most at-risk individuals. It is important to understand real world acceptability and feasibility of these products, outside of clinical trials, and of offering expanded biomedical prevention methods to adolescent girls and young women, a population group which is at increased HIV acquisition risk.

Historically, the introduction of evidence-based technologies into public health programs has been fraught with delays that result in missed opportunities for impact. These delays have in part been due to lack of preparatory evidence critical for introduction into programs. For new PrEP products to be introduced without delay, key questions must be addressed including how to scale products efficiently and effectively for people at risk of HIV infection, who will want it and use it. Building upon the lessons learned from oral PrEP scale up, preparatory work needs to be immediately planned to prepare the field for novel technologies such as the new PrEP products.

Therefore, the DREAMS PrEP Choice study aims to understand the acceptability and feasibility of providing long-acting PrEP methods (Injectable CAB and PrEP Ring) to Adolescent Girls and Young Women* through a differentiated service delivery approach (exclusively community-based delivery) at community safe spaces and institutions of education, learning and training. An implementation science study, conducted as a prospective observational cohort utilising mixed methods. Specifically:

  • A nested longitudinal cohort of PrEP users
  • Qualitative data collection
  • Quantitative data collection


  • Nicolette Prea Naidoo (Principal Investigator)
  • Tafadza Mhakakora (Co-investigator)
  • Saiqa Mullick (Co-investigator)
  • Lauren Parmley (Co-investigator)

Latest Update

April 2024

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DREAMS PrEP Choice Study

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