MK 8591A-028


A Phase 2 Clinical Study to Evaluate the Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Efficacy of Doravirine/Islatravir in Adolescents with HIV-1 Infection who are Virologically Suppressed, are ≥12 to <18 Years of Age, and Weigh ≥35 kg.


With anticipation of lifelong treatment, long term tolerability and safety of antiretrovirals have become increasingly important for pediatric patients. Accumulating evidence shows simplified 2-drug regimens can achieve efficacy and improve tolerability comparable to that of 3-drug regimens. A 2-drug regimen could mean fewer potential DDIs, and a lesser likelihood of safety or tolerability issues compared to 3-drug regimens. DOR/ISL has the potential to be an ideal 2-drug regimen for adult and pediatric patients for the treatment of HIV-1.


  • Prof Lee Fairlie, Principal Investigator
  • Dr Faeezah Patel
  • Dr Elizea Horne

Latest Update

June 2021

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