South African Population Research Infrastructure Network (SAPRIN)


South African Population Research Infrastructure Network (SAPRIN): A National Research Infrastructure of Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) Nodes.


Research in the human and social sciences plays a crucial role in driving social, economic, and cultural development and transformation in South Africa. The overarching goal is to enhance the well-being of poorer South Africans, leading to improved health outcomes and socio-economic advancement. To achieve these aims while reducing government costs, the South African Research Infrastructure Roadmap (SARIR) has been established to guide investments in research infrastructure.

SARIR serves as a strategic, rational, and medium- to long-term framework for planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating research infrastructures (RIs) essential for fostering a competitive and sustainable national innovation system. Recognizing the elevated importance of the human and social sciences in national development, SARIR aims to elevate their role and impact.

Through initiatives like the South African Population Research Infrastructure Network (SAPRIN), valuable knowledge will be generated on ways to improve well-being, enhance skills development, and elevate socio-economic status, especially in marginalized communities. This will not only benefit individuals but also contribute to economic growth by enabling greater participation of poorer segments in the economy and fostering effective evaluation of public policy impacts across various sectors.


Wits RHI

  • Prof. Thesla Palanee‐Phillips (Principal Investigator)
  • Krishnaveni Reddy (Sub‐Investigator)


  • Dr Abraham Jacobus Herbst (Co‐Principal Investigator)
  • Associate Professor Mark Collinson (Co‐Principal Investigator)
  • Mr Tinofa Mutevedzi (Co Investigator)

University of Johannesburg

  • Tobias G Barnard (Sub‐investigator)
  • Annie Temane (Sub‐investigator)

University of Pretoria

  • Jannie Hugo (Sub‐Investigator)
  • Edith Madela‐Mtla (Sub‐Investigator Community Engagement)
  • Rhena Delport (Sub‐Investigator Project Manager)

Latest Update

March 2024

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